Message from our partner: Landbank

We, at LANDBANK, are one with you in the pursuit of innovative ideas that promote a robust economy. This Summit brings together novel, creative and dynamic insights, strategies and solutions both from the public and private sectors that all converge towards building a stronger nation that adapts to the changing times... [read more]

The Value of Imagination in an Automated World

By: Amanda Dominguez   |    NOV 7, 2016

The idea of a fully automated world can be daunting. The industrial landscape is now evolving at an exponentially faster rate than it ever has before. Computerization and digitalization are changing the workplace as more and more operational jobs are being replaced by computer programs.... [read more.]

ASEAN: Integrating the newest economic power

By: Carlo Delantar   |    NOV 22, 2016

As members of the ASEAN community, we have all heard of the joint effort for integration called - the Asean Economic Community (AEC). The AEC is an effort to work together as an economic power where a single market and production base allow for the free flow of goods, services, investments and skilled labor.... [read more.]

Message from our partner: Meralco

NOV 22, 2016

We are living in times of great change. Technology is evolving at a fast pace and affecting all of our lives. Large capital intense industries are being disrupted by start-ups; who are able to achieve global reach in a short period of time. Traditional barriers to entry are being torn down as companies race to embrace the digital age...

The Almost of Everything

By: Adrian Bonifacio   |    SEP 29, 2016

This is the unofficial slogan of big data advocates. It refers to big data’s immense value once it has been refined through analytics. In this community, there is a palpable sense... [read more.]

Is Disruption All it's Cracked Up to Be?

By: Lionel Belen   |    SEP 16, 2016

It was Clay Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business school, that coined the term disruptive innovation. Since then, it has become one of the most commonly used ideas in the tech startup community, to the point... [read more.]

Sustainability: A Farmer's Perspective

By: Enzo Pinga   |    SEP 7, 2016

In recent years the word sustainable has walked into the territory of watered-down buzzwords. It has risen to become a main topic of discussion in numerous conferences, multilateral talks, political agendas, etc. But what does it even mean? [read more.]

Connecting the Dots: Moving Towards a Convergent Gov.

By: Kevin dela Cruz   |    OCT 3, 2016

In our connected environment, governance has been of utmost importance given the increased citizen demand for leadership accountability especially in prioritizing the citizen voice in the policy agenda and for the immediate cases... [read more.]

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Only Inclusive Companies Will Thrive in the Digital Revolution

By: Kathleen Largo   |    October 20, 2016

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be built within an inclusive culture, and it will start with technology. When more people around the world have more access to mobile phones than to electricity or water, it must mean that the digital revolution has already arrived... [read more.]

How can Small Business Lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

By: Francis Sollano   |    OCT 6, 2016

It was at the dawn of 18th century that we learned to harness the power of water and steam, paving way for the First Industrial Revolution. What followed this was electric power, which provided breakthroughs in mechanical production and manufacturing... [read more.]

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