Message from Meralco

November 22, 2016

We are living in times of great change. Technology is evolving at a fast pace and affecting all of our lives. Large capital intense industries are being disrupted by start-ups; who are able to achieve global reach in a short period of time. Traditional barriers to entry are being torn down as companies race to embrace the digital age.

As the largest electricity Distribution Utility in the Philippines, Meralco is not immune to such disruption. Technology is changing the way we do business and forcing us to adapt the services we offer and the way we interact with our customers. We are delighted to support Ocean 2016 as we explore the role large companies can take in supporting the start-up eco system and discuss new technologies that will enable Meralco to remain relevant to its customers.

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This post is part of a blog series promoting Open Collaboration with East Asia New Champions (OCEAN) Summit 2016 in Bohol on November 24-26, 2016, with the theme: The Future of Industry and Impact. There will be a session on The Disruption of Industries, which is supported by Meralco. To know more and participate, go to